Batalla de de historia la la victoria

Then I will enter it in your stead, my dearest lady, said Rose. You are pale-you are cold-you will die with terror if you go on. There may be as much of trick as of supernatural agency in this matter-me they shall not deceive-or if some stern spirit craves a victim,-better Rose than her lady. Forbear, forbear, said Eveline, rousing up batalla de de historia la la victoria own spirits; you make me ashamed of myself. This is an ancient ordeal, which regards the females descended from the house of Baldringham as far as in the third degree, and them only. I did not indeed expect, in my present circumstances, to have been called upon to undergo it; but, since the hour summons me, I will meet it as freely as any of my ancestors. So saying, she took the torch from the hand of Berwine, and wishing good-night to her and Rose, gently disengaged herself from the hold of the latter, and advanced into the mysterious chamber. Rose pressed after her so far as to see that it was an apartment of moderate dimensions, resembling that through which batalla de de historia la la victoria had last passed, and lighted by the moonbeams, which came through a window lying on the same range with those of the anterooms.
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